Jayne Warrilow was the keynote at a recent Day with the Masters event sponsored by the Calgary Chapter of the ICF. Jayne talks about resonance and how we notice and deal with fields of energy. It was an interesting day of just noticing how somethings and people resonate with you and others don’t. the radio wave metaphor to describe the power, connection and noise between people actually works quite well. Jayne convinced us that we had some control over that energy and its frequency and that we could use it to inform our actions.
I still take everything back to PULSE which is a different kind of sound vibration but very much aligned with Jayne and her teachings. She is a true evangelist for awakening people’s attention to their energy and how it effects everything around them.
PULSE represents to me the ‘how to’ of changing your energy level and charge. Practitioners use it to tune in and change the frequency of a conversation to a more positive exchange. Rather than allowing a powerful negativity to overwhelm a conversation, the practitioner is equipped with the questions that move people from one frequency to another in a constructive way.

More about this later…