Over the past week I have invited many people from my lists of contacts to join me on linked in. I am grateful to all of you who took me up on that offer and are no being introduced to my word press blog through the linked in network. For more than three years now I have been preparing blogs for publication here and some of them are pretty good. When you have time I encourage you to read some of the ones with titles that might interest you. There have been themes sometimes and other times they have come in a more random, more intuitive waves of topics and discussions.
Lately I have been on a Primes kick. i love the book by Chris McGoff and have used his primes to talk about what I know about which is PULSE – the Framework for change.
Many of you will already know my work on conversations for change, how I have identified a way to structure conversations for sustainable outcomes and others will be oblivious to that work and may know me in some other capacity. For a brief update … PULSE is based in Appreciative Inquiry and the Enneagram which is combined with skills for leading conversation to provide an integrated approach – head, heart and body – that leads to successful conversation no matter what the purpose might be. Negotiation, mediation, conciliation, review, decision making all of these benefit from the frame of PULSE.
So if I have been doing this for three years how is that some of you do not know about this? That is a good question for which I do not have an answer. The good news is you know now and maybe more people than my mum and dad will read the blog and send their comments so it can become more interactive. Mum and Dad regularly refer to it as DEEP. Mum usually wonders out loud and to my face “Where did you come from , anyway?” I would like to hear your comments too.
Back to Chris McGoff…. This week I want to highlight prime FRAGMENTATION. He describes it as “the natural splintering of intentionality” Isn’t that a cool way to think about what happens when we are full of good intention. We promise ourselves and others, in good faith, that we will accomplish things and then something else happens. Well that something is the NATURAL splintering of intentionality… it is what occurs when will and focus are split. Unity of purpose and commitment need to be nurtured by the leader in a group or by our own internal leader if we are to see things through.
I recently attended a Change Management talk where the numbers of projects that are NOT completed was reported to be 70 %. Can you imaging? 70% of all change initiatives FAIL and a great cost of time and money and motivation. That is a sobering statistic and I think it can be explained at least in part by the idea behind fragmentation.
Sooo my original intent was to gather people to this blog. I have to say that the original intent was not immediately realized so here I am giving it another go with the expansion of the Linked In connections. My will and my focus are aligned and I am moving forward to gather stones together. Thanks for joining me.