My new favourite leadership writer is obviously Chris McGoff of “The Primes”. I may have to try a more direct approach to have him contact me so that he and I can talk about what we both believe to be true about leadership and how it works. chris is a change manager and I think change managers should stick together.

I do hope I get a chance to talk to or correspond with Mr McGoff. Maybe i should call him.

This week at the Change Management Think Tank in Calgary we talked about the Profession of Change Management and the state of it in Calgary in particular. some very interesting insights from those in the room about how the discipline is evolving and defining itself within project management as the people side of the people/ask coin. I agree and I agree that the skills and services offered by change managers are VALUABLE. It is now time for the CM’s of the world to show how improving conversations and relationship improves the bottom line. That is the next challenge