Hello everyone… or should I say Ciao.  Italy is so far away, physically and yet so close, spiritually.  Italians invented “La Dolce Vite”.  We have a lot to learn from them.

I have really had a good opportunity lately to read and digest Chris McGoff’s book and application for ipad – The Primes.  McGoff is brilliant.  His take on organizational structure and development is refreshing.  It is simple and elegant and provides readers, listeners and watchers information for all of the senses on the universal patterns of behavioral that he has identified.  I absolutely love how explains things with his drawings and his video clips in the app.  and also how it is explained in more detail in the book.  I wish I had thought of it….

Some simple and profound thoughts from The Primes…

4 of 32 – Change vs Transformation – Change fixes the past.  Transformation creates the future.

15 of 32 – Fragmentation – Understanding the natural splintering of intentionality helps address it.

31 of 32 – Trust the Universe – The Universe helps people who live boldly.

I am beginning to incorporate the Primes into my coaching strategies.  Leaders can learn a lot from these simple truths and coaches can help them understand the application to their specific situation.

Find it if you can and let Chris know I sent you.