If you have travelled in Europe than you will know about jet lag and how difficult it is to adjust to the time difference. It is difficult to will yourself to sleep when others are when your body us AWAKE. We talked until 4 in the morning. It was difficult to get up. Today will be better. Each days is easier as we adjust. Wait for the metaphor. I know there is one. I’m a little tired and my brain is either a head of me or behind me. I can’t even figure that out.

Yesterday we did an amazing walking tour through the amazing maze and saw so many streets and landmarks in Venice that I was unaware of. 118 islands connected by 400 bridges …. Now that is communication A spiral stair case as tall as the clock tower built by a wealthy man in the 1800s that is being restored for example. Then a beautiful ride on the gondola with some nice folks from Oklahoma. The world is small.

Today it was the Lido. The beach was warm and sunny and full of people of all shapes and sizes. I love the beach and I love traveling with my girls.

Tomorrow Florence. Arrivederci … Fino demano..