I cannot count the number of hours I have spent trying to think about and solve the mysteries of my computers…. especially the infrastructure around keeping in touch with people.  We moved away from microsoft exchange as we right sized our infrastructure to reflect the reality of our small company.  We have worked with Google Chrome so I have a gmail.com address.  I now have an iphone and ipad and a me.com address along with my good old shaw.ca address I have had since I moved to Calgary. and now Shaw is hosting www.pulseinstitute.com and our 10 email addresses that are associated with that.  My head hurts.  So I wanted to simplify and use the cloud…. it works with explorer and outlook and not chrome and gmail so I have had to reinstall outlook but the wrong account went in first and now I cannot get rid of the loven@shaw which I still use in windows mail.  I was trying to be smart and funnel all the addresses to the outlook thing but I can’t get it to do what I need it too no matter what I try.

People are like that too.  Difficult to reprogram.  Connected with some of your other friends but not all. Managing relationships can take up head space just like our interactions with our own identifies be they psychological or technological.  I need help….. just not sure what kind…..