Spring has sprung … There is a silly little poem my dad would always recite in the spring that is running through my head… “The bird is on the wing I heard… but that’s absurd… the wing is on the bird”.  That poem intrigued me and it was that kind of play on words that has always caught my interest.  It is especially interesting when both  phrases are right in their own way.

I was writing something the other day at my new job with Parks Canada and my colleagues read the sentence with the word “work” as a verb and corrected my adjective by adding LY to make it an adverb.  I read it again.  I had intended “work ” as a noun but it could have been either.  Language is so intriguing sometime…  simple and complex.

So I am working (verb) for Parks Canada at the Western and Northern Service Centre in Calgary.  I am an Informal Conflict Management Advisor.  It is a demanding job and will likely become more so as people who need conflict coaching and training and mediation find out that I am there.  This first few weeks have been taken up with settling in and become known to the organization as well as getting to know it.

So far I love it.  The people are great and the work is exciting.  Because I am in a term position, replacing someone on leave for one year I don’t  have the luxury of time to get up to speed. I have had to hit the ground running… 8 hours a day…5 days a week.  This is new and exciting to me, the entrepreneur who has had control of her time for the last 14 years. I plan to enjoy the ride.