I had a great conversation this morning with Coleen. She and I are reinventing PULSE with a new business plan and a refreshed focus on on-line learning. Using PULSE as a business plan structure makes it really simple to address even very complex information. First we Prepare for the plan by restating the purpose, the process and the protocol. Then we Uncover the history of PULSE. We identify the thousands of clients we have had over the past 10 years and the hundreds of programs we have developed and delivered. We look at the philosophy, the mission, vision and purpose which have remained consistently focused on Conversations for Change. Then we Learn the criteria that PULSE has for a better future, what’s important to us. Then we search possibilities for that future based on the identified criteria and then explain a plan of action for the renewed and refreshed PULSE Institute.

I am excited to be focused on planning again. I am excited by the possibilities. In 2007 pulse was looking forward to great things but somehow they didn’t happen as planned. The world slowed down and so did we. Now it looks like the world has caught up and it might be the right time to move pulse ahead in a big way. We have downsized and regrouped and now we restructure and repurpose and move again.