I’m writing a short note about vulnerability today.  Three weeks ago I received an eye injury at a spa.  The doctor said that 80 % of my conrea was damaged.  My eye is still patched.  i can’t drive and only yesterday was told I could use the computer fora couple of hours a day.  I have been at home usually flat on my back with my eyes closed while the healing takes place. I am vulnerable.  I was vulnerable when I went to the spa and had only one inkling that things were not quite right between members of the staff.  I remember thinking..” These peole could use some coaching.  They seemed happy with each other but procedures were changing and they all seemed just a little angry or frustrated about it.  The person who was going to do my treatment was talking to the one who had treated me before and suddenly there was a change in who I was assigned too.  I wondered if it was a commission thing.  Any was Number 1 still but the eye covers in and then left.  Immediately felt that the left one was uncomfortable but not ever having had the experience before I could only say…”It doesn’t’ feel right”

There were lots of things that could have happened to make the outcome different.  many things I could have done and said and some that they could have done or said.  Because it was my first time ( and my last) was at a disadvantage.

Any way … the blog is not about that.  It is about vulnerability.  More precisely about how we accept hte responsibility for a vulnerable other.  That is what has fascinated me as I convalesce .  I have been rather helpless.  It is not a role I enjoy.  I have had to depend on other people to meet my needs and have had to find ways to adequately make t6hose needs known.  I make assumptions about how to do things and so do they.

How can we anticipate the needs of the vulnerable?  How can we honour them while waiting on them?

How do different BEACHs arise when we are most vulnerable and when we are faced with giving or taking care of some else who is vulnerable?  What is the difference between care giving and care taking?  Which do you do?