I am reading “”Organize your MIND Organize Your LIFE:  Train your brain to get more done in less time.” It is a great read especially for we ‘overachievers’ …. Paul Hammerness, MD and Margaret Moore (Coach Meg) offer a compelling approach to the distractions in our lives.  They describe frenzy as a combination of anxiety, sadness and anger.  They provide insight as to how to calm the mind not just the calendar. “Rules of Order” are outlined … rules that can tame the frenzy, sustain attention; apply the brakes when necessary, mold information, shift mindsets and connect the dots so that we can all stay on top of the fast-changing world that we live in.  The book also provides a list of the Top Ten Organizational Complaints with Solutions.  I recommend it for coaches to use to de-clutter their own brains and to give to clients as another tool for a more productive life.

The book reminds us that examining our life, what we have and what we do not need is important.  De-cluttering is on going.  I thought that a spring cleaning was something that was only necessary once a year and every year at this time I am reminded that new growth begins and flourishes when there is room for it to grow.  De-cluttering your life is an interesting concept and an even more interesting exercise.  What people, places and things are no longer serving me and my purposes in life???  How and when can I recycle them???

And which people do you wish you could hold onto a little longer.  Michael Woodbridge, a faithful student, died suddenly in December and I only found out a little while ago.  Michael was a conservationist, someone who revered the planet and lived his beliefs.  I miss knowing that he is there encouraging me from afar.  Maybe he still is….  Thank you, Michael.