A person who was attending one of my presentations on goal setting chatted with me afterwards.  I mentioned that I was writing this awesome book on the BEACHs – a Sociological Construct for understanding people in the workplace.  She said … “I need you to finish that book!”  That was good for me to hear. I need me to finish that book too.  I am sooo very close.  I am hoping to find that 40 hour week that will bring it to manuscript format and I can at the very least publish it on kindle.  If I say that out loud here then all of you can hold me to account.  Public pressure works for me so please feel free to apply it through email, phone calls etc.

The BEACHs book reveals where people are coming from and how people look at the world … in detail AND how you can hear it in their language.   Each BEACH has a rich description of what life is like there, what the language is and how it is used and what the dialect tells you about the people who live there.  It is still amazing to me to see that one world, even one situation, can be interpreted in nine different ways … even more ways when you consider the subcultures on each BEACH.  40 Degrees… when the circle is divided into nine you get 40 degrees on each BEACH.  Knowing just the differences in language and accents and dialects give PULSE practitioners the advantage of the interpreter.

How often have you heard – “They just don’t understand.” or “I don’t understand what they want from me?”  It is related to the languages of the BEACHs and how the same words are used in entirely different ways.

This will be a helpful book.  I need to get to work….  Keep those cards and letters coming.