Sometimes I feel like a blank page.  Anticipating the words or the drawing or what ever it is that will move me from potential to art.

We are all balls of potential.  Sometimes we realize and unravel that potential and other times it remains tangled and we are unable to find the end that will begin the unravelling.  I am not sure why I am thinking about this today except that I have been thinking about the potential of PULSE and how wonderful it is.  I am missing the key to the unravelling of that potential and I don’t know where to find it.  I want the Frame to be widely used so that people in difficult situations and relationships can benefit from its simple effectiveness.  I am excited by how it is working for people now and how it can continue to help people in the future.  It has enjoyed a wide distribution and appreciation and has accomplished a level of fame … but no fortune….

Monetizing the idea has not been a high priority for me until now.  Now, like Cuba Downing Junior I want to know “Where is the money?”

We have created books and workshops and materials for workshops and videos and webcasts and blogs and websites.  I have employed people and partnered with people.  I have supported the careers of others and now I need to support my own.

What if I were to use the PULSE frame to create a money making venture out of PULSE???  Hmmm  that has potential.