We are planning a new session of train the trainer for March and April. I am excited by the possibilities. It is by invitation only and we haven’t really done it for a couple of years now. Four webinars and two days face to face. We have some interest from some awesome PULSE practitioners and I am thoroughly looking forward to enjoying the deep conversations and thoughtful consideration of PULSE as a training tool. So many trainers go into the business without methods classes in how to teach and the PULSE Professional class or train the trainer program really helps them to understand why and how learning works. We look at the brain and brain science. We look at the body and body knowledge and we look at the heart and heart intelligence too always mindful of how EVERYONE, no matter their perspective, learns. I love the work and the opportunity to spend time with dedicated people who are willing to share what we know about conversations for change… making th …e world more peaceful, one conversation at a time, one conversation after another. Hope you can join us.