The interesting thing about typing a blog on my ipad is that I cannot see the letters. I know they are there because when I publish the post shows up just the way I typed it. It is unnerving when the word count remains at 2. I liken it to speaking into NO listening except that I am typing into NO text.

I know that there are lessons to be learned from this interesting activity. So many situations require us to have faith that our communication is getting through some how although we have no feedback or evidence to let us know or to keep us in the conversation.

I keep typing because somewhere out there there are people who read and give me feedback, who care about the words and thoughts, the lessons that I share here. Thanks for that. I would love to have you suggest topics too. The next few months are about the BEACHs again so if you have questions about reading people now would be a good time to pose them.

Reading people is fun. Are they coming at you? moving away? or moving with you? That’s the first distinction. Are they living in the past, the present or the future? That is the second distinction. Put those two distinctions on a three by three matrix and you have the nine perspectives that people take on the world.

more tomorrow ….