So I’m sitting waiting for my nails to dry and playing with this iPhone thingy. It would be good to learn to communicate with it. I haven’t figured out the cloud thing yet. I signed up, added space and now I can’t figure our how to put stuff there. FRUSTRATING. And then thee is this auto correct that guesses at what I mean. ANNOYING. And the auto matic sentence ender. I feel as if my Freedom of thought and speech are somehow being eroded. Although it is nice to know that things are correct. Even I’d they are not what I intended.
So what is the impact of iPhone on communication. It is part of the story line in my novel… My speculative fiction. What happens when role rely too heavily on machines?
In my day the fear was that calculators would erode math skills and that word processors would erode cursive writing skills. Grammar and typing skills are next???

Who knows. It
May force us to pay Bette artwntion to what
We are doing. Right ?