What are your tricks for keeping the resolutions, the promises you make to yourself?

For me it is about not sleeping until you have completed your list.  That is not always easy, especially when your day kind of gets away from you and the demands of other people take priority.  That is something I am working on this year – maintaining my own agenda.  When crisis is constant you can become numb to the emotional spikes and maintain a stable emotional environment but sometimes actually getting your STUFF done becomes pretty much impossible.  There are just not enough hours in the day, days in the week and weeks in the month.

This year is about committing to the STUFF for me.  I want to get things done, to know what needs done and to ensure it happens.  I want to set a calendar and meet the deadlines I set for myself, without being sidetracked and without feeling any guilt.  This is a serious goal and could be difficult to achieve but I’m on it.  Days like today make that kind of promise to self more difficult to keep.

I spent most of today working to print business cards for our St Albert Office. Tomorrow I am attending a Chamber of Commerce luncheon and wanted to be able to network with cards that featured the Office and not just the PULSE Institute.  First delays while the web provider sorted out their problems as I was trying to set the email that would be on the card and then the printer not quite responding and then me not knowing how to set up the business card printing, made for a long day spent fighting with our supposed friend – technology.

Writing is a big part of my goal this year.  I need to carve out the time to write this year like I did when I was writing my dissertation.  If anyone has ideas about how to guards that precious time alone that it takes to create the works that others can respond to and help to edit and rewrite.  Step one is lonely and necessarily so.  I’m okay with that.  Just need to force myself into isolation and I need to write to you everyday…