Next week I am heading to Hawaii for three glorious weeks of writing.  I want to thank all of you for responding to the writing on the blog and providing valuable feedback for what will be the BEACHs book.  Any further comments you have on the BEACHs would be welcome and timely right now.  I am working hard to complete this two-year project.  There have been distractions and set backs and …well you know what its like when a project is not your first priority… it just doesn’t happen.  I guess I have been waiting for the book to finish itself…. That is not happening so I am off to commit my time in the sun and on the BEACH to the completion of the book.

It is not a hardship to write in Hawaii.  It is such a beautiful place.  This year getting away from Canadian winter isn’t as compelling as it usually is.  It has been mild. But there are no BEACHs here in Alberta.  NONE.

2012 will be a great year.  Leap years often are for me.  It is a purple year.  A year of peaceful productivity.  I am so looking forward to spending more time with you on the blog, in our new Red Team – Green Team webinar series and in person when I can.  This first month is about organizing and setting goals, which is critical, and about planning the year using the PULSE Frame so that the goals are achievable and the plans are sustainable.

Evaluating the ongoing projects and setting milestones for them is important for me.  Also important is the addition of a new project or two that will add value to what we already do.  I have made lists of things I want to know more about, things for completion and things to begin.  I need a new five-year plan this year, too.  Not sure what that will look like yet but it will definitely include more time here in the office in St Albert.  I really like it here.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Happy 2012.