It is that time of year again when we consider the whole question of Peace on Earth and what it takes to get there.  We are still a planet at war and with each passing year we move in and out of war and peace along a continuum that doesn’t seem to have made much progress in the years that I have been here.. on the planet that is.  One step forward and two back might fit here.  I participated in Peace Week earlier this year by listening to a number of renowned speakers shared their thoughts on peace and what it takes.

I go back to what I learned years ago…”Think Globally and Act Locally.” In order for the world to be more peaceful I must start with me.  How can I contribute to a world with less conflict and more peace and harmony?  Where are the struggles and conflicts in my life that need my immediate attention and how will those small steps impact a world at war???   It seems tiny… minute even … but just as the flapping of a butterfuly’s wings changes the weather miles away … our small efforts to create peace in our corner of the world are felt far away.  Believe in the ripple effect of peaceful conversation and we can cocreate a peaceful world one conversation at a time… one conversation after another.

My invitation to you is to consider Gentle Honest Open Specific Talk with your friends and relatives this holiday seasons.  Speak so others can hear you and listen with HEART.  See how your world, your relationships can change just by raising these skills to a conscious level over the next few weeks and use that momentum to guide you inot a wonderully peaceful 2012.