Hard to believe that I have been blogging long enough to have 179 postings…  It seems like yesterday I started putting some thoughts on the screen to share with others.

It has been a great outlet for me.  I enjoy the practice it provides for the writing process.  I can take chunks of information and provide them deliberately in a way that they may later appear in one of the books I am writing.  I can test out the sentence structure and the idea itself here in a non threatening atmosphere – because usually only my mum and dad read it and actually comment … and they still love me.

It is also cool to reread what I wrote years ago.  My thoughts and intentions have not changed and eventually all of my projects reach completion – on their own timeline – not mine.  The books get written and published.  The webinars take place and we celebrate our accomplishments on the blog.  I enjoy the work and I find myself really looking forward to 2012 when many of the long standing projects will mature into concrete offerings and speaking engagements as well as products for sale in print and electronic copies.

Enjoy the holidays – and do yourself a favour – get yourself a coach for 2012.  The sessions mean you get more of the important stuff in your life accomplished.  It is always time well spent.