I have no internet connection at the moment which is a problem I hope to resolve soon so I thought I would write this blog in worked and then publish it when I do have access.

I am sitting in my room(s)… kitchen, sitting room, bedroom and wonderful screened in deck room.. on the north shore of St Croix about 100 meters from then beach listening to the waves crash. It is weird that I still feel the motion of the ship in the rhythm of the waves even though I am firmly on shore. This is a very nice resort with great amenities and it is literally at the end of the road. We were a little concerned on the trip here. The taxi driver warned us that it was a long way and he did stop for gas because as he kept saying …it’s a long way but if we would have been driving ourselves on the wrong side of that road we may have thought we were lost and on the wrong road well before we got here.

Hmmmm…. Is that what happens to people? They give up and turn back just before the last bend in the road that shows you your destination? This vacation has given me lots of time to think about life, the universe and everything. My friend has a book she is going to lend me or maybe I should order it … it is called Primes by McGoff and it provides 42 patterns that people use to communicate…. 42 is the correct answer of course… the trick is to know the question…. Is 42 the answer to the question – “How much further?” My Sony reader has run out of juice and I can’t reference my copy of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I can’t believe I left the cord at home. Hopefully that is what I did and it is not still in St John.

Soooo I am enjoying the randomness of thoughts about the new novel as I travel and rest and think these last couple of weeks. I look forward to what comes up today as the adventure continues. Two adventures really … one in the book and one in the writing of it… are occurring simultaneously in parallel universes???