Hello from St John in the Virgin Islands.  I have been here before but today was the first time I had spent a whole day on this beautiful island in the Caribbean. It is so warm and tropical and relaxing that it is hard to think about working although the people who live here do just as we do in the north… they get up and go to work each day.  The difference is that they go to work in paradise.

When I lived in the resort town of Grande Cache I felt that way.  People in town would say …”Just another day in Paradise.”  The tourist came and went and we stayed.  It was awesome.  And today I got a chance to go to work in paradise again.  Marjorie and I did a BEACHs webinar.  How appropriate ..with a BEACH right outside my window.  We talked about each of the nine perspectives and the significance of a sociological construct for understanding human interaction.  It was great…and I forgot to press record.  I hate that when it happens.  Brilliant seminar and no proof.

Well … what can you do?  You can go downtown and get the signature bracelet for the Island… the St John Hook.  It is a symbol of love and connection, beautiful in its simplicity and complex in its meaning … like other symbols I know.

Good Evening from the Islands….