I wonder what would happen if I posted my list of things to do.  Would actually get done?  What if we all did that?  Would the public shame that cold accompany not doing what you said you were going to do actually serve as a motivator??  I know that it works for me when I am trying to improve my body mass.  I go to Weight Watchers of  Herbal Magic for the public humiliation.  The threat of that weigh in helps me behave myself at table…. at least some of the time.

I have always said that people are weird.  One of the ways that they are is how they approach their to do lists.  Do they even make a list or just let it sit in their heads??

By September 1st this year my head was FULL of to do’s.  I created a list.  10 pages of things I hoped to accomplish in September.  Well my list is down to two pages today so I did a pretty good job of at least moving things along.  For me the physical list that I kept in my purse along with a small calendar that I could write in made a huge difference.  I also made a commitment to the list at the beginning of the month and stayed here in Calgary until I could accomplish most of it.  Most of the things that remain relate to our addresses in St Albert and Vancouver. Some have just gone stale.  By that I mean that they are no longer relevant.

How do you deal with your to do’s?  Are you  ruled by the list or do you take things as they come?  What strategies could you share about how to get it all together and then deal with it?  Is there another way besides the list???  It is the only way I know to organize myself and my life.