Did you know that it was Peace Week?  It seems to have been kept pretty quiet.  There are people spreading the word of inner peace, peace in family and community, between nations and around the world.  People like author Deepak Chopra, who is one of my favourites, are talking about Peace this week.

I am encouraged to know there is still a peace movement but a little disappointed that it is not more public and widespread.

The whole thing got me to wondering about who many people make their living making peace compared to how many make their living making war.  If we include peacemakers working on inner peace and community peace and family peace and peace in the corporate world and peace in government there would be an astonishing number I think.  If you compare that to the number of soldiers who are paid to make war I think you would find that the number of peacemakers of all kinds still falls short of the number of war makers.  I bet if we could even that out a bit we could make a major change in our time.  What do you think???

Back to the questions of life the universe and everything….