The way I see it life is interesting. I remember a video clip that Mel shared with me once. It shows a baby being shot out of its mother through a window and follows the baby as he develops to a toddler, a young boy, a teenager, an adult, a middle aged adult, an old man and the lands in a grave. all in less than 30 seconds. Sometimes life feels like it is moving that fast. This month I have deliberately slowed things down, taking more time to read an prepare food and to avoid rushing from one thing to another. It has been wonderful. The result is that there is actually room in my brain to write the novel I have been considering, to create and attack a very long to do list and to feel satisfaction as one by one I cross things off. It is a much easier way to approach life than running full steam at everything. Slow down, make a list and move through it.

Not rocket science for sure. I have taken these steps many times before in my life and invariably I get pulled back into the proverbial “Rat race”. I think this time will be different. I am satisfied with life at the moment. I have a few clients. I love working with them and I am considering that looking for more would trigger the fast pace again. I also have enough friends. I have LOTS of friends and I love all of them too. No need to explain to them who I am or what I am about. It is a comfortable place to be. I love my family and I have enough of them for the time being. They are all wonderful and spending time with them now is important. And I have enough places to go. Life is good in the slow lane. Thank you world.