Did you ever get a great idea that you want to share with people but you are afraid that they will think that you are crazy?? Or worse yet, you keep the idea to yourself because you might not be able to pull it off so you want to keep it to yourself so that no-one knows how crazy you are until you can prove that you are not??  Does that make sense???

I have this great idea for a novel.  I have been thinking about it since I got back from Newfoundland.  My dad was telling me about being in the Canadian Navy and being posted to St John’s when Newfoundland joined confederation.  He was told not to wear his uniform in town because people might refuse to serve him.  hmmmm  I think there is a story in there somewhere about the mainlanders and confederation in 1949.  My mum and dad met because he was posted there and she was visiting from Nova Scotia.  Although she was born in Newfoundland, she had immigrated to Canada in 1946 with her parents to live in Lunenburg.  She was home for a visit when she met dad.

Mum has always thought that I should write “stories”.  Maybe I will ….

I could also write a story about an investigative reporter who is searching for the secret to the peace in Canada, Ghana and Jordan.  He wants to understand how these three countries have managed to stay relatively peaceful while their neighbours continue to go to war.  He could have a romantic name like ‘Trip’ and be a curious fellow who finds the secret answers to the questions of life, the universe and everything from a political point of view.

I could write a story about the perfect politician … one whose motto is “Politics is a Conversation” … one who demonstrates all of the qualities and wisdom of each of the nine perspectives people take on the world.

Becoming a novelist would be work.  Constructing a good story to make your point takes skill and attention.  I wonder if it would be a way to get people’s attention and have them learn what I have already written in PULSE Conversations for Change 1 and 2 by putting the lessons in context.  hmmmmm I could get my friend Trish to be on the cover and make up attention grabbing titles. Of course I would have to use a different name to distinquish my fiction from my non fiction.

The Republic of Max – by Dr Charlotte Love

Trip Peacenik – Investigative Reporter – by Dr Charlotte Love

Perfect Politics – Dr Charlotte Love

My first name sounds more like a novelist than Nancy.

What do you think???  If you know me you are thinking “Oh no … she is bored again!!!”

insert happy face here!!!