I have just spent a wonderful week in Vancouver with Austin Gamey and his wife, Gladys.  Austin and I were able to blend work and tourism rather well.  We saw White Rock and Whistler and most things in between.  We also talked about the work that needs to occur to move PULSE Africa forward.  Austin’s energy and enthusiasm was contagious and although he was many hours off of his own time zone, he maintained a pace that I found difficult to match.

The future is bright for PULSE Africa with Austin at the helm.  Wonderful things will happen as he introduces his countrymen and those of other nations to the Complex PULSE Frame.  Austin rightly describes it as the PULSE Discovery Frame.  His use of that word with the Frame is interesting to me.  I always refer to it as a discovery and not an invention.  He elaborates that once something is DISCOVERED it is always with you and never ‘Un”discovered and that is true. Those who have discovered PULSE in their lives after they have been made aware of it in a classroom or in a book continue to use it on a daily basis.

That is true on this side of the ocean as well.  There are many people who have come to understand or have discovered that all conversations that come to successful, sustainable resolutions include the essential elements of the PULSE Frame.  It is how people make decisions and resolve differences successfully.  It makes sense then to use it when things are not going well to ensure a sustainable outcome that works for everyone.

Austin and I used the Frame to guide our talks.  The results are assured. We were Gentle and Honest with each other. We were open to the other person’s ideas and we used specific examples to ensure clarity.  We continued to Talk, to say what we were thinking until we had prepared, uncovered, learned criteria, searched options and explained a mutually agreeable plan of action which we put in writing.

Thank you to Austin and Gladys for making the long trip to visit with us in Canada.  Safe trip home.  The future is bright.