I have a real situation to deal with right now. A Couple of months ago we changed providers and lost our Microsoft exchange calendar sharing capability. I used to put something on my BB or on my laptop or on my home computer and it would show up everywhere else. That stopped when we made the change so I was inviting myself to things and accepting invitation s to keep the calendars consistent. Then I deleted the Microsoft exchange account and lost everything. My live disappeared. My history and my future gone. No calendar history and no email history. SCARY. Limbo.

Although it was scary it was also liberating for me. Not so for those who depend on me to be places at a certain time or want to make plans with me when I can’t tell them if or when I might be free. So at least six weeks of this “I don’t know for sure” “Let me get back to you” ” That SHOULD work” and a dependence on my 57-year-old memory brings me to a place where I need a resolution to this suspended life.

Since then I have not made any decisions about which is my REAL calendar. I have a paper one that is never where I am and rarely gets updated. I have a BB one that I don’t really use and computer calendars that are incomplete. I am LOST in time. I usually know where I am but not when I am. I have a vague recollection of something happening on the 12th of July but I can’t find anything anywhere to indicate what kind of appointment my have or what time. How did I let this happen? I am drifting through live from day-to-day. It is especially tricky when the calendar in my head is FULL. Stampede this week. Vancouver and Edmonton next week. New Orleans the week after that and then ten days in Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia before our Vancouver Conference in August and a trip to Washington after that.

I really need to pull it all together and find one place that works for me that is visible from what ever machine I am working on. Help!!!