The next stage of the PULSE Institute began this week with the new website and logo.  It was a soft launch.  No hoopla.  We have maintained our understated status and continue to fly under the radar.  Many people don’t know what we do and how wonderful the skills we teach are.  Many do.  Those are the people we are inviting to attend the Conversation at the Convention in Vancouver in August.  I am getting excited about the possibilities there.

When an institute like ours has been in existence for 10 years it is time to naval gaze a little and see what is next.  So the Convention will be our opportunity to see where we have been, what we are up to now and where that will take us.  A familiar Frame for conversations … right? Prepare, Uncover, Learn, Search, Explain.  Prepare for the conversation: invite the right people.  Uncover the past circumstance.  Learn the significance of what we have done to set criteria for the future.  Search the possibilities for the use of the Frame beyond mediation and conflict resolution.  Explain a plan of action for the next five years.

The major question for me is not so much what we are doing but why?  What are we in the service of?  I know this kind of question pops up for me as a result of my recent coach training and I like that.  Coaching helps you integrate your feelings and sensations with your thoughts and I find myself “self-coaching” with the Frame more often now. Back to the question of service.  PULSE serves to help People Use Language Skills Effectively.  PULSE serves many purposes and changes many lives.

PULSE needs a celebration and that is what we are going to have.  Come to Vancouver in 2011.  Enjoy the PULSE of a great city and help us define the PULSE of PULSE.  Where do we go from here?