The posts are adding up.  I sometimes go back and read over the ones about the BEACHs as I work to complete the BEACHs book.

Today we outlined a possibility for a PULSE Conference this summer in Vancouver.  I love the idea of gathering together PULSE folks from around the world to share.  Austin Gamey from Africa; Maria Hegarty from Ireland; Lynda Mann and Shalom Staub from the US.  Add to that our Canadian experts like Mel Blitzer and Peter Snow and Steve Critchley and Marjorie Munroe and Lois MacNaughton we have quite a line up.  PULSE is used for more than just mediation and a conference would be a great way to showcase the various applications like mediation, negotiation and coaching.  We could also showcase the QuickHit webinars that Mel and I have been working on … 70 titles that apply PULSE to leadership and the military applications that Steve is working on and the Aboriginal Work that both Marjorie and Peter Snow are doing.  The work with agencies in the US Federal Governemnt is also very interesting and Lynda Mann is now spearheading that. Post Secondary institutions are benefiting from the work of Shalom Staub.

Internationally, Africa is abuzz and Austin Gamey has committed to coming to Vancouver for the event.  We also hope that Maria can make it from Ireland wher eth ePULSE 60 hour program was approved by the Mediation Institute of Ireland.

The conference will be held August 15th to 19th in Vancouver.  Mark the dates and plan to attend.  We are looking forward to gathering all of the PULSE followers together so that you can meet each other and learn from each other.  POWER listening, listening with HEART and lots of Gentle, Honest Open Specific Talk.

The detailed program will be available on our new website soon.  Mornings will be an opportunity to learn about PULSE in the World and here in Canada from our guests.  After coffee a chance to renew our knowledge and commitment to the PULSE Frame as we go through the elements of the Tetrahedron – the  3D Complex  Frame.  The afternoon will be dedicated to practicing the Frame and the skills with coaches.  We will have practice sessions for mediation, negotiation, coaching, performance management and other leadership conversations.

If you have other ideas about what a conference on People Using Language Skills Effectively might include please contact us at

Thanks, Nancy…