I had the pleasure of sitting through a fundraising dinner last night here in Calgary where Rick Mercer was the speaker.  I laughed so hard.  He is a great Canadian and  Newfoundlander.  His way of making fun of people or allowing them to make fools of themselves is interesting and I am sure some find it offensive.  You have to know enough about what he is talking about to call bull on him.  I was disappointed that he didn’t talk about the election. He probably knew better than to do that in Calgary where politics is not really up for discussion.  It is a for gone Conservative conclusion.  I do miss REAL debate amongst people on real issues.  I am hoping that the Vote Compass thing on CBC is going to get people to really talk about the issues, to really consider what their stand is and how it compares with the parties.  I am really disappointed by the name calling and the insinuations that parties make about each other.  Gilles is the only one who just says it like it is. “Stephen Harper is a liar” according to him. Canadians are so tired of the accusations and the direct hits they are making on each other.  There used to be more subtilty and more finesse. Some of the clips that Mercer showed last night were more engaging.  They showed politicians being real and makign fun of themselves.  That was fun.  They were using language in a way that we seem to have given up during the election time. I would love to get back to the days of true debate and a consideration of the people of Canada as real participants in this debate.   Just give us policies that we can examine.  Let us make up our mind.  If only we could get the PRESS to be neutral in this.  If only…..