I love elections.  They are a joy to me.  They represent a time when democracy is truly alive.  Fortunes change on a turn of a phrase and no one really knows how or when someone will say or do something that will shift popular vote.  It is so much fun to watch as the interpretations and the strategies emerge.

The press are incorrigible.  In the service of the people of Canada they PRESS for answers to questions that they image people to be wondering about.  They are indeed the fifth estate at a time of election and they truly hold a certain balance of power.  Media chooses what message to emphasize, which clip to show first and what part of the speech becomes the clip.  They are the ones who mold the images of the leaders to news worthy, controversial or confrontational pieces that will create NEWS.

I like Elizabeth May’s idea of creating a space for agreement.  I am not sure if the PRESS or the Parties will participate but what if they did?  What if we could generate some agreement and understanding on issues of import to Canadians without jeopardizing the Party stand or platform.  What if candidates could show Canadians that there are points of agreement on criteria for a better future?  What a revolution that would be.