I have been in the Washington area for a week now. I had a great opportunity to work with an agency here and Monday and Tuesday went well. Tuesday evening I slipped on stairs in a parkade. I was transported via ambulance to hospital and completely checked out before being discharged with bruises and painkillers. Five days later I am still very very sore. But on my way to recovery. An injury really changes your perspective on things. I had to depend on others completely for the last five days. My wonderful friends have been amazingly available to me and have made it possible for me to get what I need to begin the recovery. I am so grateful for their friendship and for the degree to which they have adjusted their lives to accommodate.

This next week I will be working with trainers so that they can become pulse trainers. It will be a little more casual and I should be able to work through the week sitting down.

Anyway I couldn’t really write this week but I could spend some time thinking and I am very pleased with the progress I made on the beaches book in Hawaii. I like the way it comes together as a way to describe the perspectives people have on the world using color coded beaches. I will begin to share pieces here once I am back in Alberta.

Thanks to everyone here who helped and to those who sent wishes. I’ll be back soon.