Let me apologize for the brief post last time.  I was working on the ipad and the letters did not appear as I typed so I really couldn’t tell what I was writing.  I am such a bad ytpist  that I didn’t want to post something I hadn’t read over so you just got one sentence.  Sorry.

Day 5 in Kauai.  There was rain storm earlier but it looks like there is a possibility that it will clear so that we can have another BEACH day today on the south shore. And then to Roy’s for dinner.  I love Roy’s.  The food is always good.

I have been writing and have made progress on Perfection BEACH.  It is not complete yet because of course it has to be PERFECT.  And there are a few distractions here, like the pool and the scenary and the people and the food and teh wine.  It is beautiful.  We met a photographer who was selling his amazing shots of the Island.  I wish he had been around to catch the rainbow I saw on Monday.  It started and ended in the water and had a very low arch.  It was gorgeous.