The calm before the storm …. that place where things are going well and yet you know that something is about to break loose and reek havoc.  Sometimes I feel like I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the race to begin.  “And they’re off …”   2010 has been a bit of a horse race.  The winner is yet to be determined.  What if PULSE Institute was put out to pasture?  What then?   Would Dr. Nancy Love still have her loyal following of 10 or 12 people who read the blog more or less reularly???  Would the world as we know it cease to exist?

We are closing the downtown office of PULSE on January 31st, 2011.  WE have had office space in Calgary since August 2002.  WE still have offices in St. Albert and Vancouver and we are all working out of home offices, but this will be a bit of a milestone.  We have been talking about making some other changes too.  Right sizing I guess you would call it … moving to a place where our expenses are manageable.

Efficiency and Effectiveness and a letting go of what could have been.  It is a little sad really.  I had such hopes for hte PULSE Institute.  this year we are on receive.  We have planted the seeds and are waiting for them to germinate and grow.  Menawhile we write and respond to clients who know and love us and to new clients who learn about us from others.  We give up the push.  We have never been good at the hard sell.  We don’t know how to do it.  Our best sales tool is to have people attend our sessions and learn what it feels like to learn like that.

How do you spread the word?  Do YOU knkow anyone who needs to know about PULSE???