All ready Boxing Day… A week of visitng to come before we all commit to a new year and set goals for how we will behave, what we will achieve and how we will manage our lives. The idea is to build on the lessons learned. It seems to me that we learn the same lessons again and again and yet the behaviour and the resolutions remain. I watched a commercial this week about someone wanting to quit his quitting habit. He had been quitting regularly and wanted to break the cycle of quitting. I get that. There are so many habits I would like to change but it isn’t easy so I commit to doing, thinking and feeling differently on a regular basis and yet end up behavng, thinking and feeling the same way as I always have in a given situation.
Change is difficult and it is envitable. 2011 will be different no matter how we try to make it the same. How can we adapt to make improvements in our lives? Today I am not sure. I am not feeling excited or invigorated by the possibility of change. Instead for the first time in a long time I am feeling burdened by it.
What I need is a fresh start and the promiss of great things to come and no one can give me that. I have to find it myself.
Every day holds that promiss so I will wait until tomorrow to see what changes today brings and be on the look out for fresh starts and opportunities to RENEW … to find Rest, Energy, Nutrition, Exercise and Water. That is a great fomula for new beginnings in the new year.