Think about it….. that’s contemplation.  Time to think and that is the pay off when you manage your time.  At least it is for me.  I love to be in my head and if I have time to spare I sit and think.  Other people go for a jog.  Others move into their emotions and enjoy me time that way. The first time Mel said to me “I have this whole new concept around time and how we move from Chaos to Contemplation” …   I got to thinking ….  I love the idea, the comparison, the juxtaposition.  I love the way opposing ideas enrich each other.  The continuum stretches in my head and I can SEE what it all means.  I know when I have been in Chaos and when order has emerged and I feel good about that and then finally I might have the time to contemplate next moves and plan  …  and then I move back into the busy-ness that sometimes moves along the continuum to chaos.  In and out in a rhythm that is almost predictable.

It’s like when your desk is messy.  There are times when you NEED to clean it and other times when you can sit with the physical chaos and manage … until the next wave of need to tidy is upon you.  Sometimes it is fun to wait for the wave and I can see the ebbing and flowing of my days and hours and minutes as they become FULL and then empty and then FULL and then empty.  It is so cool.  Does everything come in waves????  Maybe. hmmm .. Time to Contemplate!  YAY.