Next week at PULSE we are doing a webinar on Time Management. It is an interesting subject to me because it is so personal. I don’t think anyone really knows how I spend my time. Everyone in my family knows how I spend family time and those in my offices know how I spend my time with them, but noone can really put it all together … except me.
I actually am a great time manager. I get a lot done in a day. Some call me an over achiever but they don’t know the half of it. My grandmother used to call me a whirling dervish and my mother used to call me a Tasmanian Devil. I was a busy kid. i am also a busy adult. I continue to plan busyness into my life and I must like it that way.
I think most people feel like I do that “if they only knew” what I was dealing with they wouldn’t see me as forgetful or distracted. They would marvel at my ability to accomplish what I do accomplish in a day instead of noticing only what I don’t get done. Years ago I stopped doing that to myself and that has helped me become more forgiving and even more productive.
I know you are probably dealing with more than any one person knows about and that a better time management strategy would help but first you have to find time to set a side an hour and learn about time management. It is the kind of thing that people who can already manage time well can organize themselves to attend. Those who could really benefit may not have the time …. or think they don’t. People are weird.
Join us if you can on November 10th or 17th. My treat. Check the website for times and if you are interested just drop me a note and I will send you the url.