We were in Istanbul yesterday and we ran into the guide we had on our trip 6 years ag0.  What are the chances of running into the only person you know in a city of 17 million???  I love the way the world works.  Istanbul is a fabulous city and the Turks are hospitable people.  The ancient history juxtaposed against the modern landscape is intriguing and comforting in a way.  It is a gentle reminder that civilizations have been working effectively to serve their citizens for many years.  It is also a reminder of wars and rumors of wars.  Everybody conquered Istanbul at one time or another.  The people and the language reminds of the Asia/Europe crossroads we are visiting.

Today we are aboard Sea Dream II in the Dardarnells.  Lots of Australians on board off on a tour of Gallipoli.  We are going to Troy to see th eTorjan Horse.  Pictures to follow.