Gloria Fuentes’ quote is at the bottom of my journal page so I thought I would use it as the title for today.  I am realizing that it doesn’t have to be a new idea.  I can’t always stimulate my brain to create.  Sometimes it just doesn’t want to work on anything new… it just wants to sit and veg…. So I can open a book and find an idea and use that one as a catalyst for thought production.

The journal for example is called create everyday.  I am guessing that the creative quotes in it did not come in a stream of daily sitting and thinking but were gathered from other thought leaders over an extended period of time and with a deliberateness of purpose and focus.  I can come up with 360 ideas in one day and then go without any for weeks on end.  The discipline of coming up with one idea a day scares me.

So think everyday and create when the spirit moves you.  Be gentle with yourself.  Be honest and open to new ideas and when they do come explore for the specifics that make it unique.  Think and talk and think and talk and in so doing make the world a better place.