PULSE is working with someone to include more presence for us on Social Media.  What I need to know is what kind of information would serve our readers.  What do you need from us on Social Media?

We have a Face Book Presence and a Twitter Presence.  AND we are still so new at how to use them and how to understand the power of them that it makes my head spin.

It reminds me of working with someone who is hearing impaired.  They can sort of hear bits and pieces and they will contribute, sometimes forcefully to a conversation when they think they know what was said.  In fact they may have the details and therefore the intent of a comment wrong and yet they hold on to their idea passed on their perception of the situation.  

With social media I can’t hear what is being said.  To me it is still NOISE.  Therefore when I do comment it may or may not be appropriate.  I totally relate to people who have lost some capacity to deal with the world and are forced to try.  I have no capacity for comprehending what is going on in social media.  The more people you talk to the more confusing it gets.  Everyone approaches it differently and it seems to serve different purposes for different people.

I DON’T GET IT>>>>> We follow someone so that they will follow us.  We retweet other people’s tweets.  Will someone please tell me what the end game is???  He who has the most followers wins???  I know that even that is not static but moving.  All I see on my twitter site is my friends tweets and retweets.  I AM NOT LEARNING ANYTHING.  And I am frustrated.  Someone please help….  If you can help a relatively intelligent, relatively knowledgeable person UNDERSTAND what is going on in Social Media, you may be able to change the world…..