It is great to be at the office early and to have the sun shining in Calgary.  It has been a wet summer here and many people are complaining about the lack of summer weather.

Complaining fascinates me.  It seems to take up time in conversations and to what end?  We can’t change many of the things we are prone to complain about i.e. the weather, the sports teams, the traffic, etc.  What I have noticed is that a complaint is a give a way as to the BEACH – Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes – of the complainer.  It tells you what they feel strongly about and what bothers them.  It indicates, if you are listening carefully, what’s missing for them.  Sometimes it is power and control that they are seeking, some control over some aspect of their life.  Other times it is peace and an easy way of being.  Or they are looking to find a perfect world where everything complies to the standards as set for weather, teams and traffic.

All nine of the PULSE BEACHs are identifiable in complaints.  (Power, Peace, Perfection, Connection, Success, Differentiation or Creativity, Detachment, Security and Excitement)  Listen and learn what people are looking for and identify it for them if you can and if it is appropriate.  Watch them think and then smile.  It is a great way to make their day and yours.

Good morning, Calgary.  Enjoy the sunshine.