Nietzsche said “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”  Doesn’t everyone have chaos in their soul? No really?  I need to know.  Is your soul not chaotic?

Mine is always dancing, whirling from peace to fear and back in a rhythm that almost seems predictable.  Not knowing the pattern leads to fear and the downward spin that is lifted to an upward spin by some seemingly random event that is coincidence or not, synchronistic or not.  Hard to tell where it will go next … chaos in the soul ….

What of this dancing star?  The writing is fun and at time I can see the birthing of ideas into words and sentences and paragraphs and chapters and books and I know the pain associated.  I also know the joy of completing a work that has sat on the end of my tongue for many years waiting for my life to find a room for the birthing process.