Our new book, “Princpals: Faces of Change” is out and we sent a press release about it to 30 or so radio and tv stations.  We also ran an ad in a Talk Show Host Magazine.  The interest has begun.  I had an interview this week and have another one scheduled for next week.

This whole education program “Race to the Top” that Obama is implementing is helping us because the book is about principals implementing mandated change in schools and increasing the results on standardized tests.  It is a good book about five different men who take five different approaches in five different settings and get similar results.  Conclusions:  There is more than one way to improve a school.

I love the way the book tells the stories through metaphor and how it emphasises the significant role educational leaders like principals play in the race for the top.  They lead from the hallway and their influence is felt in every classroom.  What they focus on gets done.  What they value gets valued.

It has been twelve years since I went back to school in September, but as schools get ready for the new term, I hope they have the leadership they need to create learning experiences for kids that will make a difference in the lives of the students and in the progress of the country.