Isn’t it interesting when things happen to you  and you don’t have an explanation until something else happens to you?  Ususally that something else is that other people have the same or related experience.  Both of you have meanings that you attach to the event until you talk about it together and then the meaning changes and people stop and consider  …. “Is this an intervention of the divine sort? or coincidence?”  As my friend Carol is wont to say …”Coincidence… I think not!!”

Things that are coincidental in their occurance gain meaning in their sharing. If we were all to share our coincidences what amazing things we could learn about the universe and how it works, about the strength and power of intention and the whole experiment that is the collective consciousness.

I am getting philosophical.  I think it comes from having watched most of season one of “The Big Band Theory” over the past week.  I love Sheldon and the way his mind works or at least the way minds of the writers on the show work. I am certain that the randomness and the synchronicity of coincidental events is potentially explainable.