Diamonds are a girls best friend.  They are valuable and symbolize love and devotion in some cultures.  They are hard and can cut glass.  There is so much about diamonds … their beauty and their strength … that is celebrated in our society.  When we use a diamond shape or a rhombus as it is known in mathematics to represent an idea it has both beauty and strength … cut and brilliance… wholeness.

Integration …. I think that is what I really want to write about here.  When something is integrated …. when it has taken the external pressures applied to it and become a stronger whole … hardened to a brilliance and sophistication to rival any diamond, that is when you know you really have something of value.

Recently my husband bought me a 3 Karate Diamond…. UNCUT.  It is beautiful but not recognizable as the diamonds that we know and tend to value.  A Diamond in the rough.  I was intrigued and pleased and immediately impressed with the metaphor we so often use for people who haven’t quite met their potential.  What potential are you hiding?  What about your neighbour?