Interesting theme that runs through the literature … brain research… psychology….physiology… almost every field of study known to man expresses this sentiment…

I had an interesting experience about 8 years ago when I went to Australia.  My cousin is into geneology and she insisted that I visit another cousin of ours while I was there.  So I looked him up.  He had left Canada for India many years before and had eventually moved to Australia and was living outside of Sydney.  I called and he met my husband and I at the train station.  We had a fabulous visit and near the end he mentioned that he had written a book.  I begged a copy. He only had a hundred or so left and they were tagged for practitioners of something called Colour Puncture.

It was a lucky string of events.  Jack’s book was informative about the rise of the practice of colour puncture which is a healing method using prism of light on acupuncture pressure points.  It was also an enlightening journey for me as I followed the story of his live and that of my family.  Jack’s mother was my grandfather’s sister and so was his stepmother because his dad married his wife’s sister when the wife died two months after giving birth to Jack.  I was fascinated by the book, be colour puncture and the history I found in it.

I could not find practitioners of colour puncture in Calgary which was disappointing.  The good news was that Jack, after our amazing visit, returned to Canada to visit other members of our family.  The bad news is that as he was on his way back to live in Canada, he took ill and died suddenly in Sydney.  He wrote his own eulogy.  I treasure the copy of that I received from his wife.

Further good news arrived recently announcing the publication of his book Osho, India and Me by Jack Allanch.  I have just started reading and I am so enthralled by the wisdom and the humour.  Jack was obviously a very speacial man and I am happy to have been related to him.  I am again learning about  him and myself at the same time.  I recommend the book for anyone who is looking to understand the theme above – We are all capable of much more than we think we are.

Thank you, Jack.