” Unless you walk out into the unknown, the odds of making a profound difference in your life are pretty low.”  Walking into the unknown for me is about sociological consideration of the Enneagram.  Going where no writer has gone before is exciting and lonely.  Time to work on the book is crucial for me now.  It is my creative outlet and it is presently trapped inside my head.  I have committed the writing of it to Vancouver.  I hope to have some time there next week to concentrate and to perhaps assign myself a piece of writing that I can accomplish between visits to my office there.

Walk into the unknown and learn from it.  Then it is no longer the unknown but the known and the familiar.  I had a beautiful drive from Edmonton to Calgary this week.  It was foggy.  a mist held over the fields of yellow canola flowers and the full moon lay just above the horizon, shining through the mist.  It was magical.  Later as the sun rose and the fog settled in the hollows around the trees the beauty defied description.  In that 3 hour trip I saw enough majestic and magnificent images to fill a number of coffee table photo books and create an awesome slide show.  I had no camera and so I have memories of beauty that will  stay with me.  Driving through the fog was driving in to the unknown for me.  My truck driver friends and I created a sort of rhythm that kept us on the road and safe in the tentative conditions but the journey revealed such wonderful images that I would have missed had I not driven with them into the foggy highway.

Imagine the beauty around us.  Step into the unknown that it at your finger tips.  Unknowns like the preferences of your mate or the thoughts of your children.  Make a profound difference in your life, one conversation at a time.