The title is a quote from  Carrie Rainey.  It speaks to me.  I am alive and I can be creative here everyday.  Yesterday I turned 57.  I got an ipad that I am loving. It has forced me to look at my filing system for photos for example so that I can find the ones I want more easily and I have thousands of digital photos on it that chronicle my busy wonderful life over the past 10 years. 

Looking back is good.  I had a chance to do that last week with a friend in St. Albert.  I happened to run into her on a terrace at a coffee shop.  I’m guessing it has been 10 years since I saw her.  We worked in the same hallways teaching junior high and high school at two different schools for 12 years.  She was a part of my every day life then and now we have another chance to spend time together. It’s great to have those kind of opportunities.

Telling your story of 10 years in a 30 minute conversation is not easy.  What do you leave out?  Do you focus on Travel? on Accomplishments?  on children? on tragedies?  How can you summarize?  And what do you learn in the retelling?  What I learned is that my life might have been different had I stayed in St. Albert.  it is interesting to consider the path not taken.  It makes you critical and appreciative all at the same time.

Creativity is my motto for this my 58th year on the planet.  Daily exercises in writing which I hope to share with you.  I am in the only place I need to be to start….