Yes…Helmuth Von Moltke had it right.  First ponder…. think about what you want to do.  Think… but not too long.  It is important to consider what you are about to do and the ramifications to be sure but if  you stay with it for too long your courage or your resolve may begin to fade.  Ponder, then dare…. Dare to do what needs to be done, the thing that no one but you can do.

Daring, Courage, Resolve these are interesting words.  Where do those characteristics come from?  How do we recognize when they are needed and, more importantly, how do we tap into the resource at the time that we need it?  People are funny.  They can be daring and courageous and resolute … or not.  What makes for the difference?

I dare to write.  It takes courage to put your ideas out there for people to consider.  What if they are not interested or reject the thought or worse still ignore it?  What is the worst thing that could happen? What if I don’t take the time to provoke a little thinking from time to time?  If only one person considers and is moved to action then this is time well spent.  I hope they will ponder and then dare just as I have.

First I ponder and then I dare.