Have you ever noticed that some days it is easy to jump out of bed and hit the ground running?  If you have had a good night’s sleep and if the day holds the promise of adventure and joy it is much easier to pull the covers back and let your feet hit the floor.  Some days I wonder what thought or idea will get me out of bed.  It is a game I play with myself to see what it will take to move me from the comfort and warmth of a cozy safe place.

I will hypothesize that there are roughly nine motivations that will get people out of bed in the morning.  For some it is the prospect of a perfect day or a chance to make the world a little more perfect by finding something that it wrong and fixing it.  If you are a Perfect, that is if you live life from or are just visiting the Perfection BEACH your motives will relate to that search for perfection.  Sometimes I find myself wanting to finish or organize or correct something first thing in the morning and I know that today will be a day when I live on the Perfection BEACH.  It is this need for rules and standards and ORGANIZATION that moves me to action and out and away from my coziness. A true Perfect will get up at the same time everyday to a predictable routine aimed at making the morning …. perfect.

For others, the thought of doing something wonderful for someone they care about will be the motivator.  The joy of giving and connecting works to motivate the Connectors.  They see the world from Connection BEACH where service to others and the sense of relationship serves to move them to action.  Appointments with people they love to be with, an opportunity to contribute to a team, an experience shared with good friends are important to the Connectors.

For others, the Success Seekers,from Success BEACH, the prospect of looking good, of completing a high-profile project or getting the job done and increasing productivity and recognition and status for themselves and others will be the thing that moves them to get out of bed if they ever got in.  These are the workaholics who can go all night and yet look like they just stepped out a magazine in the morning.  Looking your best and doing your best is important to them.  It moves them to action.

For the creatives among you, those who live on Differentiation BEACH, the melancholy of the morning may move you to such depths of emotion that you will be moved to get up and write or paint or dance or draw.  It is the promise of creative endeavors that excites the heart and then the body to action or on a bad day to inaction. Contributing to the beauty of the world is important to Creatives.  Opportunities to do that will make getting out of bad easier.

From Detachment BEACH the Thinkers are encouraged to get up so that they can have time to think about things.  Sleep can even be an interruption to the thought processes, the synthesizing and analyzing that continues in the mind of the Thinker.  The outer world often is experienced as an intrusion for Detachment BEACH people.  They are happier in their in world of ideas and concepts.  A theory or an idea that needs consideration would move a Thinker to put feet on the floor and get the day started, but not before considering a theory of what motivates people to get up in the morning…… hmmmm.

Security BEACH dwellers will need to get up and get the day started and be prepared for what ever the day may throw at them.  They will be going through their inner checklist to make sure that no detail or contingency has been missed.  Routine is their friend so they will want to get up at the same time everyday. Predictability is a motivator although the safety and security of a cozy bed will be something that the Secure will enjoy.

For the Excitement BEACH dwellers, the promise of a new day and a new adventure will motivate them to move from the comfort of the warm bed.  predictability equals boredom so the expectation of a “sameoldsameold” day will make getting up difficult.  If today is the day that ANYTHING exciting MIGHT happen then they will be moved to move.  What is important is that Excites not know exactly what will happen and that many and different things could.  Playing with ideas and creating adventures can also happen in bed so Excites may be a little slow to get started in the morning.

Power BEACH dwellers are motivated by the possibility of something or someone to conquer.  A take over or a coup d’etat will move Powers to get up and get at it.  A good cause will also get a Power out of bed.  What is important is that they can be in charge of the day and make things happen as only then can.  An opportunity to move their body and have their presence felt will make their day.

The Peace BEACH dwellers will be comfortable and will want to stay in bed just a little longer.  Rocking the boat or the bed are not what Peace’s want to do.  They like the warm, conflict free, sleepy, slow-moving environment of coziness.  What will move them to action will be a desire for peace so if staying in bed may cause anyone else grief and raise the possibility of an unstable or tense situation then they will be moved to move.  Otherwise a Bed In is a great activity for the Peace’s.

Each of us experiences mornings differently and some of it will depend on the day before and where we are when we wake up. Are we on the Perfection, Connection, Success, Differentiation, Detachment, Security, Excitement, Power or Peace BEACH????